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Marketing, Search Engine Placement and More
Marketing is a very important aspect of all our businesses. If we don't market our products and/or services correctly, we have a hard time making a profit for our company.

Just Your Type understands the importance of marketing. If you have a product or service to sell, Just Your Type can help you promote your company and product or service. Below is a list of ways Just Your Type can help your company gain exposure through various marketing techniques. Just click on the marketing link that you are interested in to find out how Just Your Type can help your company.
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Table of Contents:
Search Engine Optimization and Submittal
Internet Banner Advertising
Direct Mail Marketing
E-mail Newsletters
Affiliate Programs

Search Engine Optimization and Submittal:

Search Engines are utmost on most website owners' minds. "How can my website rank in the top 10 of the most popular search engines?" To maintain a high ranking requires constant work—starting with optimizing the webpages with META TAGS. Meta tags are instructions that search engines can see, but are contained within the web pages and viewers do not see. In addition to having "keywords" located in the meta tags, the keywords need to be in the actual viewable content of the web page and as links within your site. Then after the pages have been optimized, they need to be submitted to the search engines.
      Just Your Type does this; but, also offers—in an inital site optimization and search engine submission—stats that track the use of keywords used to access your site and weekly reports of where the website is ranking in the search engines. Stats and search engine reports are done for two months in order to make any necessary adjustments to enhance the results in the search engines. If your website has already been optimized and submitted to the search engines, Just Your Type can provided stats and search engine reports on a month-to-month basis as well.
      By offering stats and search engine reports, companies can monitor their websites and make necessary adjustments along the way as search engine criteria change to maintain a good position within the search engine results. Just Your Type does not guarantee your website will rank in the top 10 of all the major search engines.
      Just Your Type realizes that not all websites can be optimized as mentioned above due to rotating entrance URLs and other extenuating circumstances. We can create gateway or doorway pages for your website as an alternative. Although we feel gateway pages are not necessarily as affective as optimizing the site itself, gateway pages are a good alternative. To create gateway pages each keyword becomes its own page and each page is then optimized for each search engine, as all search engines do not use the same weighting factors for ranking a website or web page. This means if your site uses three keywords and you want your site submitted to 10 search engines, 30 pages would be created for submission–three pages optimized to each search engine.

  What the competition won't tell you.
Search engine optimization is extremely competitive. As a result, when your site starts ranking in the top 10, people are going to view your keywords and try to outrank you. Without constant maintenance, your website will eventually drop positions in the search engine results. We also believe that any one telling you can be in the top 10 in all the major search engines for any extended period of time may be leading you down a primrose path and straight into thorns.
      Once your site has been submitted to the search engines you cannot expect to see immediate results. It takes search engines (depending on the search engine) 1 to 2 weeks up to 6 months to index (search) your site. When you make changes to your site, the pages that are changed should be re-submitted to the search engines, as search engines will not automatically check your site on a regular basis.

Internet Banner Advertising:

Just Your Type can create both still and animated banners that are sure to attract attention. In addition, we can direct you to banner programs that are free or at low prices which will increase your exposure across the internet. We can consult with you to locate areas on the internet that would be beneficial to advertise your site on—very much like running an ad in a magazine.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Direct mail marketing has withstood the test of time. Why? Because it works! Look at AOL. They became one of the largest online service providers in the country because they used direct mail marketing effectively. Remember the days when you used to get floppy disks in the mail? (Now they have been replaced with CD's.) The reason they were successful is because every few months the average "Joe" received one of their direct mail pieces. Maybe "Joe" didn't subscribe to AOL upon receiving AOL's first floppy disk. He stacked them in a corner somewhere to erase them later for his own future use. Then one day "Joe" decided that it was time to go online. Who did "Joe" choose for his ISP? You got it—AOL! Why? Because AOL was the "best" choice for "Joe"? Well, maybe not. BUT, AOL was the "easiest" choice to remember and reach for. Even if "Joe" had thrown out the disks and CD's, it would only be a matter of time before he received another in the mail. Or, if he did not want to wait, having receiving so many disks and CD's, AOL was the service provider "Joe" knew about and could remember which enable him to call information and get the telephone number.
      We won't tell you direct marketing mail pieces will turn your company into another AOL; but, we know we can put together effective mail pieces and reasonable prices that will leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

E-mail Newsletters:

Much along the same concept of direct mail marketing, the internet offers companies an excellent opportunity to send out messages through e-mail. However, with the quick development of the internet over the past few years, mass e-mail campaigns are now considered spamming and bring forth serious reprocussions to the sender of mass e-mails. As a replacement, many companies choose to offer a "Newsletter" or an "Update Notification" to people who voluntarily sign up to receive information. Opt-in mailings are not considered spamming. The bonus with these e-mails, is the ability to stay in contact with people who are interested in a company's particular product or service. This constant requested exposure is beneficial to any company that practices and offers their viewers these types of programs. The reason? Not only are the e-mails targeted, but people who like the information they receive are very likely to tell friends and family members.
      Word-of-mouth advertising is probably the single most effective form of advertising. To further aid viewers of your website to tell friends and family members, websites are starting to offer the viewer a way to send the contents of a page, or to send the URL of a page, to people they know. (Notice our "Recommend This Site" button at the top right side of your screen and in the text links at the bottom of the page.) By keeping track of the e-mails through a logged database, companies can monitor the success of the "Referrer" program.
      Another great benefit of e-mail marketing through opt-in methods is the ability to sell advertising space in your newsletter provided the e-mail list has a large targeted audience. By selling advertising space in your newsletter, many times companies can defray costs associated with the website.
      Just Your Type can help you implement any one of these types of e-mail campaigns. The methods we suggest here will not produce instantaneous results. But over the long haul, these methods will produce a customer base that you can maintain your exposure to for many years to come. And the best part is sending e-mail is free!

Affiliate Programs:

Just Your Type can help your company set up an affiliate program on the internet. If your company sells a product or service, this is a great way to advertise—but only pay for advertising that works. Imagine if you could run an ad in a magazine; and then, only pay a percentage out to the magazine solely based on actual sales instead of the exorbitant rate the magazine charges. Affiliate programs work in this exact way. People who want to be paid by you, put your company's banner or button on their website. Then when someone from their website clicks on your banner and purchases some product or service from your website, you pay the person that put the banner on his website. Your company determines whether you pay flat fee or a percentage on each sale. The additional benefit of an affiliate program is that there are quite a few people who like to participate in affiliate programs as a way to earn money. As such, they work very hard at making sure their site ranks high in search engines and have high traffic volume, resulting in more exposure of your banner.

Affiliate programs are a win/win situation for everyone involved.

Let Just Your Type setup an affiliate program for you today!

Request a quote on any of these services by clicking on the quote button.

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