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Design Services
Whether you need printed materials or Internet web site development, Just Your Type specializes in effective communication. The bottom line for any client is increased sales either in products or services. The best way to achieve profitability is with dynamic designs, whether printed or computerized, that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

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Table of Contents:
Illustrations/Package/Product Design
Internet Web Site Design/Internet Marketing
Logo Design
Printed Materials
Other Services

Illustrations/Package/Product Design:

Just Your Type can make your imagination a reality. With skills in illustration and a thorough knowledge of design, all it takes is your idea and Just Your Type's skilled artists can illustrate your idea. Use the illustrations on video jackets, packaging or a new product for a look that cannot be achieved with photography.
    Package and product design are also available from Just Your Type. All that is needed is your idea. Because we are familiar with different printing and manufacturing procedures, your end product will be all that you expect. With experience in boxed packaging, hangers, and labels, we can give you a dynamic eye-catching end product that is sure to stand out any any store shelf or standing display.
1. Illustrate/Design the piece.
2. Provide you with the illustration or printed piece or provide
Request a Quote    film for your manufacturer's use.

  Internet Web Site Design/Internet Marketing:

Just Your Type can effectively produce a web site that everyone is sure to remember, tell their friends about, and revisit time and time again. Once your site has been developed, we can place your site on your server, or, if you don't have an Hosting Provider, we can host your site for you. Just Your Type can also perform maintenance on your site, or give you the necessary information so that you may update your site as needed.
    Once your website is up and running, Just Your Type can help your site to increased traffic. We offer your company Search Engine Placement Services. Tuning your website for high seach engine ranking is an important part of marketing your website online. We can also create effective Ad banners, and can aid you in traditional forms of marketing to promote your website.
1. Design site.
2. Place site.
3. Maintain site.
Request a Quote4. Market site.

Logo Design:

Just Your Type can create a logo that is sure to catch everyone's eye and convey the company's image. Whether you want the logo for stationery packages (letterhead, business cards, presentation folders, notepads, envelopes, invoices, etc.), Just Your Type will make sure the logo reflects the company image and maintains its integrity - no matter how the logo is used.
1. Design logo.
2. Design necessary applications.
Request a Quote3. Corporate ID programs available.

Printed Materials:

Just Your Type can create effective tools for your company to use in the sale of your products or services. Catalogs, brochures, mailers, flyers, and ads can help increase sales. When put together in a cohesive and concise way, these items can actually increase sales. Other printed materials like forms, stationery packages, instruction manuals, and quarterly reports are equally important in maintaining your company's identity and should always reflect the standard the company has set for itself.
    After establishing your needs, Just Your Type can give you a range of services from designing your piece to having it printed. If you have your own printer, Just Your Type will work with your printer to meet his printing specifications to insure you get the quality product you expect.
1. Design established piece.
2. Provide you with the printed piece
Request a Quote    or provide film for your printer's use.

Other Services:

Just Your Type offers consultation services, including marketing ideas and advertising. With a strong knowledge of design and production, Just Your Type can aid your company in planning, designing and marketing a campaign that is most appropriate for your business.
    Call (818) 341-9155 to see how Just Your Type can benefit your company and increase your sales; or
email us.

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E-Mail: design@jyt.com

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