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Domain Name Registration Services
Just Your Type can offer you an alternative to registering your domain through Network Solutions or other high-priced registrars. As a member of the second largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world,, your domain name is registered promptly and quickly, and at prices below what Network Solutions and others charge. In addition, when you need changes to any of your Billing, Technical, and/or Adminstrative contact information, we can make the changes quickly when your domain is registered through our service—speeding up the process that can take days through Network Solutions.

Domain Name Pricing

  • Domain Name Registration
    Our prices are simple: $15.00 a year per domain name. Whether you register your domain name for one year or ten years, you only pay $15.00 per year!
  • Transfer your Domain for $15.00 per domain name.
    When you transfer your domain name to our registrar, we will extend the registration by one (1) year from its current expiration date. (This is only available if your domain is currently registered with Network Solutions.)

Domain Names
A domain is simply We currently register .com, .org and .net top level domain names. However, you can search the entire database of WHOIS registrars under all extentions below. Once you have made a search and determined your name is available, simply use the online order form located on Just Lightning, Just Your Type's partnered company, to register your domain name today!

Registration Agreement & Domain Name Dispute Policy
You must agree and accept our Registration Agreement in order for us to register your domain name. By agreeing and accepting our Registration Agreement you are also bound to our Domain Name Dispute Policy. Please read these documents carefully. You will be asked on the order form if you accept and agree to these documents before we can process your order.


Phone: (818) 341-9155
FAX: (818) 341-2301

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