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Resources and Links
The internet has a lot to offer. We have put together a collection of web sites and services that can help both businesses and webmasters enhance the web sites they own and/or manage. We recommend the listings below because we have personally dealt with these companies and services they offer and have found them to be worth recommending.

CGI Programming

Thunder Rain Internet Publishing:  If you are in need of custom capabilities for your web site such as:

  • Database Programming
  • Subscription/Membership Management
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Custom Processing Forms
  • Mailing Lists
  • Maintaining Password Protective Web Sites
  • Script Maintenance and Updating,
then Thunder-Rain is the place you need to go. Proficient in Perl and PHP programming, with exceptional knowledge in MySQL databases, and with security utmost in mind, Thunder Rain's programming guru, Mike Blezien is the person with whom you need to speak. We have worked closely with Thunder Rain to create several demanding web site back ends, and have found his pricing more than fair and his attention to detail outstanding.

  Internet Banner Advertising Exchanges  This is the place to go for FREE 1:1 banner advertising! Once you join (IT'S FREE TO JOIN!), every time someone clicks one of the banners you display on your site, you will have your banner shown on someone else's site. You can choose the categories of sites you would like your banner(s) displayed, so your banners are "targeting" your ad on sites that make sense to you and your business. You decide which and how many pages you would like to display ads. Each time a visitor clicks a banner on your site, the site opens in a new window, so you never lose a viewer. In addition, you can exclude "competitor ads" from being displayed on your site. What are you waiting for? This is FREE advertising for your site!

Affiliate Programs:  Specializing in affiliate and internet advertising, offers scripts that can track affiliate sales, rotate ad banners on your site, send out auto-responders and more. Reasonably priced, these scripts can enhance your online sales by promoting advertising through affiliates giving you the ability to sell, rotate and track ad space on your site. We use the Ultimate Affiliate program on our sister site,, to promote JYT's Your Check Printing software!

Phone: (818) 341-9155
FAX: (818) 341-2301

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