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The Gallery
Catalog Covers and brochures are an important part of a company's image. Catalog covers demand high impact to stand out from a competitor. We take your idea and take it a step further to give you a product that stands out.

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Table of Contents:
Covers and Presentation Folders
Catalog Sell Sheets

Covers and Presentation Folders:

  Annual Report Cover
Annual Report Cover
Designed for an online company, this cover was designed to reflect the company's image of the internet gaming world. Measuring 9" x 12", the interior pages matched the look and feel of the cover, and provided a pocket at the back to include additional financial papers.

  Financial Report Cover
Financial Report Cover
This cover was designed for a company trying to raise capital for an ISP before the big boom of dot coms. The cover portrays the high tech aspect of the internet and its potenital.


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  Catalog Sell Sheets:

  Catalog Sell Sheets


Pure Sport Labs, Inc. Catalog Sell Sheets for
Pure Sport Science Nutritional Supplements Line

These sell sheets were designed after the products had been manufactured and packaging labeling completed. These catalog sell sheets were used to send out to distributors and for use at trade shows. We also designed the the company uses on the products.

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Tracer Tag Brochure
This brochure is used at trade shows, both retail and wholesale, and at retail outlets to explain what Tracer Tags are and how they work. The brochure measures 3.719"x8.5" when folded, so it can easily be inserted into a #9 envelope and mailed.

Download an Adobe Acrobat PDF File to see the entire Tracer Tag brochure.

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Adobe Acrobat button to download it.

Group Life Insurance Brochure
Designed for a company that sells insurance, this brochure explains the benefits of one of the Group Life Insurance programs they offer. Sent along with an application, this brochure measures 3.5"x8.5" when folded to its appropriate size.

Download an Adobe Acrobat PDF File to see the entire insurance brochure.

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