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Just Your Type specializes in meeting our clients' needs in all forms of computer and printed communications. From domain name registration to web site design and construction and finally web site hosting, we can help you establish and then maintain your internet presence. In addition, we can help you market your company's services and/or products both on the internet and through traditional printed mediums.
We also offer solutions for e-commerce, marketing, and website enhancements which deviate from the standard, and sometimes costly, solutions that are commonly used and offered. The solutions we offer are extremely affordable or free; and, for webmasters, online marketers, e-commerce businesses, and anyone that is tired of the standard alternatives, these alternatives can be the perfect solution to your needs.
Take a look around our website and see how Just Your Type can help you start or improve your business's internet presence, marketing techniques, and advertising efforts.


X-Cart: ecommerce shopping cart software.

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